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Jilian Electronic Ticket System
Won the copyright!
Three roller gate, swing gate, wing gate
Fusion fingerprint recognition technology!
Warm congratulations to Jilian three roller brake
Exported to Singapore and Taiwan!
Jilian three roller brake system
V8.0 is fully upgraded!
Chongqing three roller gate factory direct sales
Warm congratulations to Jilian Electronic Tickets
Gate "AM chip control board"
Officially put into use!

三辊闸 三辊闸 三辊闸
摆闸 摆闸 三辊闸
翼闸 翼闸
E-ticket application
Ticket checking equipment

Walkway gate

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摆闸 Technical difficulties, key analysis ...
Choice of three roller gates, swing gates, wing gates, group ticket solution, second entry solution. Commodity management, fingerprint identification technology hardware and travel agency guide information management.

Jilian Three Roller Gate, Swing Gate, Wing Gate Case
Three Gorges National Geological Park, Du Fu Cottage, Wuhou Temple, Luya Mountain Scenic Area, Dali Tianlong Temple, Butterfly Spring, Lover Valley ...

How to choose a ticket gate and wing gate in the ticket system
Electronic Ticket System Sanya Gate Swing Gate Multi-Attraction Solution
Electronic ticket system swing gate wing gate secondary admission solution
Electronic ticket system wing gate swing gate park in park solution
2D Barcode Electronic Ticket System Wing Gate Swing Gate Introduction
Electronic ticket system swing gate wing gate group ticket solution
Wing gate swing gate area residents and relatives access control plan
Swing gate wing gate travel agency guide point management solution
Three-roller sluice and electronic ticket system of Three Gorges National Geopark
Luya Mountain Scenic Area Swing Gate and Electronic Ticket System
Three-roller sluice gate and access management system at Symantec base
Chengdu Wuhou Temple Tour Guide Points System
Dali Tianlong Temple Three Roller Gate Swing Gate and Electronic Ticket System
Shanxi Dahuaishu Three Roller Gate Wing Gate and Electronic Ticket System
Yunnan Butterfly Spring Three Roller Gate Swing Gate and Electronic Ticket System
Chongqing amusement park three roller gate wing gate and electronic ticket system
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三辊闸 E-ticket project picture
Three roller gate, swing gate, wing gate, aisle structure installation drawing, gate size drawing, gate construction drawing, effect drawing after gate installation, gate production line.
摆闸 Jilian Technology Company News
The branch office after-sales service point was established, and won the copyright, related honors, and the progress of the three roller gate, swing gate, wing gate, and electronic ticket system.
Ticketing passage typical Sanya gate plan
Electronic ticket swing gate size chart
Aisle three-roller gate construction drawing
Effect drawing of three roller gate and wing gate at construction site
Effect drawing of three roller gate, swing gate and wing gate
Production drawing of three roller gate and swing gate workshop
Scenic amusement park ticket samples
Congratulations to the establishment of the branch offices of Jilian Sanyingzha Co., Ltd.
Copyright of Jilian Three Roller Gate Wing Gate and Electronic Ticket System
远销台湾新加坡 Jilian's three-roller sluices out of Sichuan and exported to Taiwan and Singapore
Jilian was identified as a key enterprise of the National Torch Plan
Winning the bid of the Three Roller Gate Swing Gate and Electronic Ticket System of the Three Gorges Geopark
Winning bid for Symantec Chengdu base swing gate wing gate channel system
News Review: "Keep improving, be careful with small" Chengdu Jilian Pendulum ...
三辊闸 三辊闸 翼闸 翼闸 摆闸 摆闸 三辊闸 三辊闸 摆闸 摆闸
Address: 21B, Guancheng Plaza, No.308 Shuncheng Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu
Tel: (028) 86661325 4008846665 Copyright--Chengdu Jilian Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd.
Jilian Technology: Three Roller Gate Swing Gate Wing Gate Electronic Ticket System
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