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Venue electronic ticket system
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1. The following problems exist in the traditional theater and stadium ticket systems
(1) Fake ticket:
The existing paper tickets are easy to imitate, and the ticket inspectors are not easy to distinguish. The huge benefits make the counterfeit group target the attractions tickets, but the management department is completely unaware.
(2) Love ticket:
The staff has some relatives and friends, and the sentiment is inevitable.
(3) Escape Ticket:
When the number of tourists is large, some tourists are mixed in by plane.
(4) Staff cheating:
Tour guides often bring groups to the venues, colluding with the staff, and the phenomenon of less ticket purchases often happens. Local residents use human relationships to bring tourists in.

Second, the Jilian stadium electronic ticket system solves the following problems
(1) Computer ticket sales, fast speed and convenient statistical analysis
(2) Automatic ticket checking at the gate, which solves the problems of slow manual ticket checking, ticket evasion, and sentiment tickets.
(3) Eliminate fake tickets

Three, Jilian electronic ticket features
(1) Strong anti-counterfeiting: The unique electronic code is embedded in the ticket, and the code is strictly encrypted to ensure that the electronic ticket entering and leaving the venue can only be used under specific conditions.
It has the characteristics of anti-copying, anti-counterfeiting and easy storage.
(2) Good practicability: change the traditional manual management modes such as manual ticket sales, statistics, reports, etc., to realize the comprehensive electronicization and automation of charge management, improve the management level and
Work efficiency. The electronic ticket intelligent management system setting of each venue is not the same, but it needs to be practical and reasonable personalized according to the different conditions of each venue.
(3) Convenient query statistics: Ticket sales and personnel admission are reflected in the computer of the management center in real time, and various required statistical reports can be printed out, which can be obtained
The distribution of personnel flow at each stage and various classified statistics provide services for decision-making. Customer relationship management modules are also available to provide marketing decisions
stand by.
(4) Extensive supervision of ticket inspection: The ticket inspection equipment eliminates the loopholes of traditional manual ticket inspection through the verification of electronic codes, and can also monitor the passenger flow of imports and exports in real time.
(5) The entire system runs stably and reliably: the system design takes into account power outages during operation, network failures, outdoor bright light exposure of the equipment, and waterproof and lightning protection in rainy days.

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