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??im??????-- Cooperation Information

Qualification of agency cooperation and agency cooperation methods
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??, facing the region: provinces, prefecture-level cities across the country
?? The nature of investment promotion: agency or distribution
(3) Requirements:
? Independent legal entity;
? Individuals and enterprises with special resources in the financial, real estate, military, government and other departments for more than 1 year;
? Its target customers and potential customer groups are consistent with the positioning of the company's products;
? Recognize our company's products and sales models, and we can adhere to this system for a long time;
? Can communicate sincerely;
? No dishonesty record such as disrupting the market and good reputation in the industry;
? Can undertake the company's product installation and non-technical level maintenance work;
? Do not operate similar products of other brands.
?? Product price: preferential;
? Advance payment: advance a certain amount of payment in accordance with company regulations;
?, prototype: discount;
??, other material support: companies refer to the symbolic charge of hard cost price (yuan)
??, advertising support: all billboards, doors and other companies can provide design, the publishing fee is borne by the agent, for the huge publishing fee negotiated by both parties, print
The forms and costs of Internet advertising and TV advertising are negotiated by both parties.
?? Brand promotion and channel development:
The company encourages agents to actively use local resources to carry out brand promotion in various forms, and assists agents through market surveys, market interviews, telephone inquiries,
Development of sales channels through customer introduction, exhibition, advertising, industry activities, etc., making the market meet the following standards:
?? Technical support: The company can provide technical support to agents for a long time and provide solutions for Party A. In addition, our company has its own factory and its own production
Base and its own R & D center, so the company's personalized demand will also be processed in a short time according to the situation. The scope can cover appearance, hardware interface,
Three aspects of software functions.
???? After-sales service:
? Warranty period: For all products provided by the company, the host is guaranteed for one year. Non-artificial damage during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge.
If replacement parts are needed, only the cost will be charged.
? After-sales service response time: 24 hours for office location, 48-hour service response nationwide.
? Returns: For unsold products of agents, if the appearance is not damaged, they can be returned and exchanged for free within a specified period of time (the freight is borne by the agent). For broken,
According to the degree of damage, it can be refunded and exchanged at of the purchase price.
?? ? Training:
The company holds a dealer meeting once a year for training, new product promotion and commendation. In addition, the company arranges special business personnel for each agent.
Communication and communication, including training in technology, skills, techniques, product knowledge, etc., can also provide solutions for agents independently.

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