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Swing gate wing gate travel agency guide point management solution
Double-tap auto scroll Submitter: admin Release time: 2008-09-28
Travel agency guide member customer management
It mainly manages team users such as travel agencies, tour guides, government departments, enterprises and institutions, and maintains customer's basic information, customer rebates, tour guide cards, team agreement prices and other information.

It mainly consists of the following parts:
1. Customer information management, tour guide information management, customer agreement price management, online registration customer review, customer sign-off verification and registration Customer information management module (guide registration
The customer information management module (guide information management module) provides the classification information function of related customers (tour guides), and organizes and manages the customers (tour guides) according to certain rules.

2. The client agreement price management module implements the corresponding agreement price management mode according to the relevant policy agreement;
3. Online registered customer review is a module that manages relative to some registered users who apply online;
4. Customer sign-off and write-off registration refers to the check-out and registration of users of some special ticket payment methods, which is equivalent to a financial accounting function.

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