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Scenic electronic ticket system
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I. Schematic diagram of the structure of the electronic ticket system in the scenic area

Second, the proposal of the scenic area electronic ticket system

   At present, most of the tickets for scenic spots use manual ticket sales and manual check-in at the entrances of scenic spots. Due to the manual method, the report statistics are slow and vulnerabilities are common.
It has many disadvantages such as high error rate and high labor intensity. With the development of information technology, computer networks and information encryption and identification technology have gradually been applied to the attraction ticket management system. The electronic ticket automatic ticket inspection system integrates computer software technology, electronic technology, and mechatronics technology, and has super intelligent functions. The electronic ticket system is used to implement ticket sales, ticket checking, and ticket statistics in the entire scenic spot. Computer ticket sales, ticket checking, querying, summary, statistics, and statements are implemented, which effectively eliminates missed tickets, fake tickets, double tickets, sentiment tickets, and internal financial loopholes And other undesirable phenomena. The electronic ticket intelligent management system provides advanced financial statistics functions and computer financial statements, powerful data query functions, flexible ticket types, fare settings, and strict operation authority management, which will bring new management concepts to traditional tourism industry management. The electronic ticket intelligent management system has improved the ticket management level of the scenic spot, thus meeting the needs of modern management; at the same time, it has also improved the overall image and work efficiency of the scenic spot.
   Scenic areas generally have a large passenger flow, and the cost of ticket requirements is low. Barcode tickets are generally used.

Third, the electronic ticket system-features

? Good confidentiality to prevent forgery: As this system uses electronic information carriers as tickets, each ticket is encrypted and automatically recognized by the access control system
Tickets, thus eliminating fake tickets and human factors.
? The entire system is equipped with a power failure protection device to ensure correct operation in the event of a sudden power failure.
? Comprehensive electronicization of charge management: Tickets sold in various tourist attractions can be quickly reflected in the computer of the management center, and the management system can print out each day
According to reports and queries and statistics, you can find existing problems in time to improve work, strengthen management, and achieve better services.
To better economic and social benefits.
? High reliability: The entire system uses world-renowned original equipment and imported components of reliable quality, and adopts various protection measures to ensure the system's excellent reliability.
By performance.
? Strong adaptability: The system has an open structure and a modular functional design. The system can be large or small, the access control channel can be more or less, the function can be increased or decreased, so it has
Strong system adaptability.
? Easy maintenance: Since the self-inspection technology and the modular function plug-in are adopted, the self-inspection and maintenance work of the system is particularly convenient.
? Can sell all kinds of electronic tickets in real time.
? Can check the authenticity and validity of electronic tickets in real time.
? Real-time and accurate query and statistics of ticket issuance quantity, sales, category, time and traffic, and print daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for easy review
And scientific decision management.
? The data encryption format can be changed as required to ensure the security of the use of electronic tickets.
? The use of computer control and management has greatly improved work efficiency and management level.
? Effectively eliminate financial loopholes and ensure the economic benefits of the enterprise.
? Through the processing of computer statistical reports, the tourist traffic distribution at each stage can be obtained in order to reasonably arrange service facilities and services to achieve the internal
Scientific management.

Fourth, the electronic ticket system-system composition

? Electronic ticket card (bar code, magnetic card, IC card, fingerprint);
? Read and write terminals for ticket card issuance, verification and management;
? Ticket inspection channel management machine (including read-write terminal, IC card reader, three-roller gate, control host);
? Electronic ticket application management software (currently the company has developed ticket software for magnetic cards, barcodes, IC cards, fingerprints);
? Dedicated information processing network;
? Computer equipment such as dedicated servers and PCs;

Main hardware


Ticket gate



A) The ticket gates provided by Jilian are all made of # 304 stainless steel, 1.5mm thick, durable,
long lasting.
B) The gate housing adopts a "streamline" design, with a length of 1.7M, rounded edges and corners, and beautiful appearance;
C) The gate is equipped with a voice prompt function;
D) The gate is equipped with power lightning protection and network lightning protection devices to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system and avoid
Accidental damage
E) The gate housing is sealed and waterproofed to achieve waterproof and outdoor use;
F) The gate adopts Can bus communication protocol, which has strong anti-interference ability;
G) When an emergency occurs, the power is cut off, and the brake lever can be dropped to form a safe passage, which truly meets
Requirements for security precautions.


ISBN printer

New industrial barcode printer with excellent price-performance ratio, built-in USB and all-metal body, suitable for various
Harsh working environment and heavy printing requirements. Its 32-bit RISC microprocessor and built-in 4MB FLASH
Memory and 8MB SDRAM can guarantee the reliability and stability of operation. Good user print interface,
Easily adjust ribbon pressure and print quality without special tools. On the outside of the machine
Off allows users to easily choose to use internal or external
The print position is not shifted. With its cost-effective flexibility and ease of use, it has become an outstanding basic model
Industrial barcode machine.

configuration list






Barcode gun


ISBN printer

Taiwan Semiconductor
(Industrial Grade)

1.If the ticket barcode is printed
No need to
2. Users can purchase by themselves


Ticket aisle machine


1. Features include barcode reading
2.Voice playback
Communication control
4.Original American barcode ticket checking machine

Handheld Ticket Checker


Used in peak tourist season, peak flow of people, increase
Plus a temporary passage holding a ticket check. (Optional)


Image registration
One machine


Including camera, computer,
Bar code reading, cabinet

Ticket aisle machine


Can display pictures


Exit gate


For exit unidirectional rotation




1 set

1.Can be customized according to user needs
Development and OEM modification
2.Verification can bring voice prompts
3. The software does not limit the number of sites
4. Second entry inspection with fingerprint

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