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Access control system
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Access Control Management System--Proposal

(A), endless insurance sales staff disturb your normal work order
(2) Employees leave their jobs without permission during working hours
(3) Unauthorized people rush into your office
(D), the abnormal departure of employees, you have to change locks again
(V) Unidentified people walk into your office and take away important documents on your desktop
(Six), the company has a lot of doors, you have to hold heavy keys
(VII) Unauthorized use of multifunctional conference halls and other places without authorization
(8) Unauthorized persons entering important places such as the finance office

System Overview

With the rapid development of high technology, intelligent management has entered people's social life, and intelligent buildings have risen up to meet the needs of the era of information.
Building must meet the needs of current and future development in function and become a base for cultural and economic development.
Inductive IC card access management control system (referred to as access control system), with various functions such as portal access control, real-time monitoring, security alarm, etc., it is mainly convenient for internal employees or residents
In and out, to prevent outsiders from entering and leaving at will. So as to provide users with an efficient and economical working environment. It implements communication automation (CA), office automation (OA) in function
And management automation (BA), based on the integrated wiring system and computer network as a bridge, comprehensively realize the comprehensive management of communication systems and office automation systems.
As an advanced high-tech technology prevention and management method, the access control system has been widely used in scientific research, industry, museums, hotels, shopping malls, medical monitoring,
Banks, prisons, etc., especially because of the hidden nature and timeliness of the system, have become more and more widely used in many fields.

Design Principles

Due to the need for security and efficient management, the design of the access control system should follow the following principles:

System availability
The content of the access control system should meet actual needs and cannot be flashy. If one-sided pursuit of the advancement of the system will inevitably result in excessive investment and deviate too far from actual needs. Therefore, the actual system
Usability is the first principle to follow first. At the same time, the front-end products and system software of the system have good learnability and operability. Especially the operability, which makes the computer
Managers can master the essentials of system operation through simple training and reach the level of operation that can complete the task on duty.

System stability
Because the access control system is a system that works continuously for a long time and is closely related to our normal life and work, the stability of the system is particularly important. Require the system to have one year
Successful application experience in the above markets, has a corresponding customer base and customer service system.

System security
All the equipment and accessories in the access control system, while operating safely and reliably, should also comply with relevant Chinese or international safety standards and can work effectively in non-ideal environments. Powerful real
Time monitoring function and linkage function, fully guarantee the safety of the user environment.

System scalability
The technology of the access control system is continuously developing, and the user needs are also changing. Therefore, the design and implementation of the access control system should take into account the actual needs of future expansion, that is, it can be flexibly increased or decreased.
Or update each subsystem to meet the needs of different periods, maintain a long-term leading position, and become a model of intelligent building. When the system was designed, the functions to be implemented were reasonably configured, and
This configuration can be changed, and even after the project is completed, this configuration change is possible and convenient. The system software is based on the developer's compliance with the needs of the market in different historical periods.
Corresponding upgrades and improvements, and free software upgrades for corresponding application customers for free. At the same time, it can be expanded to attendance system, conference sign-in system, patrol management system, dining management system
All waiting for the card project.

System maintainability
The maintenance of the access control system during operation should be as simple and easy as possible. The system operates to the extent that it can work when powered on, and can run when plugged in. And no need for maintenance
Too many dedicated maintenance tools. From the configuration of the computer to the configuration of the system, the configuration of the front-end equipment has fully considered the system reliability and implemented the corresponding certification. We are doing the system
At the same time, the failure rate is low, and even if a problem occurs due to unexpected reasons, the data can be easily saved and restored quickly, and the channel can be opened quickly in an emergency. entire
The maintenance of the system is on-line, and the normal operation of all equipment will not be stopped because of the maintenance of some equipment.
     Based on market feedback, the company aims to achieve scientific attendance for various enterprises and units. Designed and developed a portable proximity card attendance machine. Can achieve independent, offline work, can also be connected
     Network and multiple machines work at the same time, and have the following advantages over traditional clocks:
         (1) It is possible to establish a standardized management image of a company, a building or an office of an institution, improve the management level, and standardize the internal management system.
         (2) An induction card can replace all the door keys, and has different pass permissions, authorizing the card holder to enter the door that can be entered within its scope of responsibility. All access conditions are in electricity
     There are records in my mind, which make it easy to inquire about the occurrence of specific things and implement responsibilities.
     (3) Unwelcome personnel can be kept out, for example, salesmen in the MLM, insurance and other industries can be prevented from breaking into your office without permission and disturbing you.
     Regular office order. Competitive competitors will not easily enter your office or development site and take away your business information or core technical information.
     (4) If the employee's proximity card is lost, it can be reported immediately in the system, so that even if someone else picks up the proximity card, they cannot enter the company, which is relatively convenient for ordinary mechanical locks.
     What's more, you don't have to replace the locks for security reasons and re-key everyone. Proximity cards are disabled for resigning, firing, and leaving personnel, and the employee will not be able to enter the company in the future.
     The company conducts retaliation activities such as theft or destruction. If you do not use the induction card access management method, you may have to replace the lock of the door multiple times just in case.
     (5) Using advanced international internal encryption protocols, outsiders cannot open your electric lock to enter your place through mechanical or other high-tech methods. And others such as password access control, mechanical lock
     There is no corresponding safety mechanism, and you can easily enter your place through a short circuit or a key.
     (6) Mandatory software operations can be performed, for example, you are conducting secret and major negotiations or phone calls in the office, and you do not want to be disturbed. You can force the door to be closed through the software function.
     In this way, even authorized card holders cannot enter. After the process is completed, you can restore the system to normal through software.
     (VII) Windows-based full Chinese operating system with friendly interface and easy and simple operation. Ordinary clerks can be competent for the corresponding management software operations.
     (8) The system has good expandability and networking function. You can upgrade and add new control doors at any time with low cost.
     (9) It is recommended to use the original all-weather card reader, which is waterproof and anti-static to ensure the stable operation of the system. The system performs self-checking and tracking monitoring of equipment failures, and has light prompts for maintenance.
     Maintenance staff in a timely manner. There is no need to connect a dedicated computer when the system is running. The system information is not lost during a power outage and can be equipped with a UPS backup power supply to maintain the normal operation of the system. Quality products and perfection
     The after-sales service system eliminates your worries.
     (10) Real-time monitoring of the door status and the access status of the proximity card holders, and the comparison of photos can be displayed to prevent illegal holders from entering.

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