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Wisdom Scenic Area

Wisdom Tourism
The main function

Highlights / advantages

Function summary

Wisdom Tourism
Cloud Data Center
Data capture
Formulate uniform data standards and establish data sharing mechanisms. Collect, catalog, classify, and authorize the application of travel data, break the island of information, and unify the information exchange platform.
As the core foundation for the construction of smart tourism, formulate unified data standards and specifications to achieve the collection, cataloging, grading, and authorization of tourism elements and data that tourism authorities at all levels, tourism-related enterprises, and tourists care about, and mainly address information islands and data Collection standards, information exchange and sharing. The Tourism Cloud Data Center has gradually constructed and formed a global tourism public information data resource library.
Intelligent and human-friendly big data analysis system, exerts comprehensive data service and application efficiency, and improves the level of tourism management services.
Global Tourism
Industrial operation monitoring platform (emergency platform)
Industry management supervision dispatch monitoring early warning emergency command information release decision analysis comprehensive statistics
The platform uses a "peace and emergency" mechanism,
As an integrated management platform for tourism management departments, he pays attention to improving the information collection mechanism.
Integrate various types of tourism-related information; as an emergency control center for tourism emergency command at tourist bureaus at all levels, focus on emergency command coordination and improve the ability to handle emergency events.
Apply modern computer, Internet and communication technologies, combined with big data analysis and application, and build a joint command system for daily tourism supervision and dispatch and security emergency management based on the principle of combining emergency and emergency, to help the tourism authorities to grasp the real-time operation and comprehensive analysis of the tourism industry Market dynamics and development trends,
Make emergency response and horizontal and vertical linkage in a timely manner. Promote the daily supervision and dispatch of tourism and emergency command to digital, network, automation, and standardization. Through the establishment of the platform,
Effectively integrate local tourism information and provide services for daily supervision, decision-making assistance, and emergency response.
Promote the management of the tourism industry to be more standardized, scientific and intelligent.
tourism industry
Management platform
Comprehensive display, integrity management, comprehensive business parameter statistics, travel agency management, comprehensive statistical analysis display, travel complaints, punishment management,
Policies and laws, comprehensive display of business parameters, comprehensive display of process management, statistical analysis of questionnaire management, comprehensive display of business parameters, management of holiday reporting, business parameters

Standardize management processes

Innovation management model

Optimize the industrial chain

The Tourism Management System (TMS), through the construction of travel agency service management systems, online approval service systems, tourism law enforcement systems, integrated tourism statistics systems, and tourism industry integrity management systems, enhances tourism authorities' city,
Travel agencies, scenic spots, restaurants, rural tourism, and other tourism formats and the comprehensive management capabilities and efficiency of tourism business work, help them standardize management processes, innovate management models, optimize the industry chain, and lay the foundation for the construction of a tourism industry operation monitoring system, which promotes Improvement of tourism quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrading.
Tourism e-government cluster
Document Management Website Management Daily Maintenance Site Management Authority Management

Solving Information Silos in E-Government

Transformation from a group of websites to a website group system

"Tourist e-government website group" with unified management, unified deployment, unified standards, and standardization
It can form a "national-province-city (state) -county (district)" multi-level integrated tourism e-government system. On the one hand, it can achieve the progressive reporting, review and release of information, and realize resource sharing.
Solve information silos; on the other hand, it can reduce the investment of tourism departments at all levels and improve the e-government level of tourism management departments as a whole.
Global Tourism
public service platform
720 panoramic travel guide and online booking can be provided before the trip;
Peripheral information inquiry, scenic route arrangement,
Weather inquiries; travel sub-items, special shopping,
Complaint online
From the perspective of the whole process of tourist travel, it integrates image promotion, information provision, internet marketing and business interaction into one. The content covers travel-related information such as food, accommodation, travel, entertainment, and tourism. It can provide tourists with authoritative, comprehensive, timely, and accurate information. Personalized tourist information and convenient comprehensive tourist information service.
Based on the concept of "the government serves the market and the market serves the public," modern computers,
Network and communication technology to build and improve the tourism public service system at all levels. Via website, app,
Platforms such as WeChat integrate the travel-related information at all levels in a timely and effective manner, providing multi-channel,
While providing comprehensive, authoritative, timely, and accurate tourism services, it achieves the purpose of publicizing and promoting various tourism destinations, and also provides data analysis, decision support and application services for government supervision and business operations, which promotes the healthy and healthy development of the tourism industry.
Global Tourism
Destination Marketing System (DMS)
Zone management: independent domain name cluster deployment;
Data analysis: sales statistics, sales forecasts,
Destination analysis, user floral analysis;
E-commerce docking: scenic spots, travel agencies, OTAs,
Travel-related companies, etc., as well as automatic docking of global travel distribution platforms;
System management: rights management, role management
Realizing diversified distribution channels, flattening distribution data, and digitizing precision marketing,
Solve the difficulty of expanding tourism destination channels,
Difficulties in management, settlement, and lack of marketing data
Global Tourism Destination Marketing System (DMS)
It is a regional tourism industry chain collaboration platform led by the government and participating in the construction and operation of the company. It effectively integrates different tourism product suppliers in the region, opens online and offline channels, innovates tourism products and brands, distribution models and marketing methods, and realizes diversified distribution channels. 2. Flat distribution data and accurate marketing data. Solve the problems of difficulty in expanding the marketing channels of tourism destinations, management difficulties, and lack of data in settlement marketing. Improve the regional tourism integrated marketing level and brand communication ability, assist the transformation of tourism destinations from "attraction tourism" to "global tourism", enhance regional brand influence and reputation to create more influential tourism destinations.
Smart Scenic Area Data Center

data collection

Data scraping

Analytical decision

Shared exchange

Formulate uniform data standards and establish data sharing mechanisms. Collect, catalog, classify, and authorize travel data,
Break information silos and unify information exchange platforms.
The Scenicspot Data Center (SDC) builds a unified standard tourist information data exchange platform and a scientific and user-friendly data analysis system to provide tourists with a "one-stop" tourist information resource search service for tourism administration Competent authorities and tourism companies provide channels for information release and standardized data exchange interfaces to provide relevant entities with a vehicle for sharing information resources. Realize the standardization and intelligence of data collection, processing, release, and application of tourism public services, give play to the role of comprehensive data services and application efficiency, and improve the level of tourism management services.
Micro Marketing System (WeChat WeChat Website)
WeChat website, WeChat public account: introduction of merchant information, unified management of multiple stores, online booking system, marketing event planning, 720 panoramic display, WeChat WIFI
All-round display of corporate image Intelligent online service system Multi-channel promotion marketing Multi-store unified management "
The aim is to use various new technologies and platforms of the mobile Internet to build a mobile-wide marketing system for travel-related companies, and promote travel marketing to become mobile, convenient, and automated; effectively integrate product information,
Information and various service information. The platform is focused on providing streamlined and enriched travel information, supplemented by services such as travel product promotion and online ordering, travel consulting for tourist convenience, travel route recommendation, and travel ticketing. While providing tourists with timely, accurate and targeted tourism services, it also realizes the marketing and promotion of tourism enterprises. The platform relies on WeChat WeChat website and mobile APP
And other applications, providing online booking, online payment, online services, message management, store management, user management, panoramic display and other functions, which not only facilitates enterprises to quickly manage user information, promote corporate image, but also comprehensively improves users' online booking and online query Experience.
Wisdom Scenic Area
Integrated management and control platform
Plan management Intelligent passenger flow forecasting Early warning of customer source analysis team Visitor management
GIS Integrated Display Management Video Surveillance Open System External Interface

Multi-application integration

Big data can be analyzed

Service can be improved

It is a comprehensive and comprehensive scheduling and management platform for scenic spots, covering collaborative office, information release,
Customer management, ticketing management, asset management, procurement management, personnel management, financial management, reception management, scenic area resource protection management, report statistics, booking management, system management and other aspects of the daily management work of the scenic spot, to solve the application system such as monitoring , Access control, network, LED, vehicle identification, travel information and other information acquisition, operation control, statistical analysis of information release, etc.
Form a complete and scientific operating system.
Smart country
Tour Management System
One data center and one application cloud platform (including data center management system, global distribution system, merchant APP, customer relationship management system, micro marketing system, consumer verification system, and tourist APP)
Provide three screens (computer screen, TV screen, smart terminal screen) covering three types of users (tourism authorities, tourism enterprises, tourists)
Utilizing the advantages of "intelligent tourism" resource information integration, diversified operation and promotion methods, and convenient and fast online services, it effectively solves the problems of backward infrastructure, serious homogeneity, extensive management, lack of service concepts, Problems such as lack of brand concept; building a smart rural tourism data center and application cloud platform, based on the provision of intelligent management systems to farmers, improving the intelligent management, marketing and services of rural tourism, and promoting the sustainable development of rural tourism.
Tourism Global Distribution System
Product Management Order Management Settlement Management User Management Statistics Report
Integrate distribution channels to optimize financial settlementAccurate data analysis E-commerce custody operations
Integrate the tourism resources of the scenic area and surrounding areas, and in the concept of "everyone is a distributor", seamlessly connect with online and offline tourism distributors, open transaction data sharing, and realize online and offline integration of tourism e-commerce Improve the level of tourism e-commerce in the scenic area.
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