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??im??????-- Scenic Area Parking Management System

Scenic parking lot management system
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Barrier function features:
Movement design: turbo reducer, torque converter, spindle support,
The four major pieces such as the main bracket are integrated into one body and formed by 45 # steel integral precision casting;
Bar body design: The bar body is made of high-strength, high-strength lightweight titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy;
Anti-rebound function: if the brake lever is blocked by an unknown object during the descent, the brake will automatically start the anti-rebound mechanism and lift the lever after stopping
Power supply: AC220V 10% 50HZ
Motor power: 250W
Pole length: ?6 meters
Price: 2350 yuan
Standard Barrier (Model: FM-KM300)
Articulated Road Gate (Model: FM-KM360)
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Ballot Box Features:
Multiple networking modes, which can transmit data and images remotely;
No need to hold a card to achieve remote extension function;
The function of nesting small parking lots in large parking lots can be set;
Scalable long-distance card reading function;
Power supply: industry standard power supply, AC220V, 50HZ; appearance size: length * width * height = 410 * 280 * 1260 mm;
Communication interface: RS485, TCP / IP blacklist (download);
Price: 1800 yuan
Luxury ticket box (model: FM-BX220)
Simple Ticket Box (Model: FM-BX100)
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Vehicle monitor camera Sentry box Automatic card movement
Scenic parking system flowchart
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