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Scenic card system
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Scenic card system (Case of Taihuangyu Scenic Area in Linfen, Shanxi)

(1) Electronic ticket system
Adopt aisle management equipment (three-roller gates), install two groups, and make a set of three-roller gates at the main entrance of the scenic spot and the entrance of the CS training ground. It is possible to display members' photos and names at various points.
(2) E-ticket cards
Business card: for pre-charge consumption
Scenic Area Annual Card: Mainly designed to enter the scenic area unlimited times within one year.
CS Expansion Card: unlimited access for a limited period of time, limited to enjoy participating in 15 CS activities throughout the year
Training Expansion Card: unlimited access for a limited period of time, limited to enjoy participating in 12 expansion events throughout the year;
Platinum Card: Limited time, unlimited entry, enjoy 15 CS activities, 15 expansion activities need to be achieved,
(3) Need to achieve, at each consumption point, can display the image of the membership card (on the terminal computer)
(4) It is estimated that there are 100 points for recharging consumer POS machines.
(5) Register and register through the Internet, and transfer money directly through the Internet bank. (Post-expandable function)
(6) Internal management system
Employee Attendance Management System (by issuing internal IC card for employees)
Office access control system (three-roller gate) (by issuing internal IC card for employees)
Card security inspection system (about 40 inspection points)
Parking management system (three entrances and three exits, with three entrances and exits, with parking reminders, charging reminders, automatic card ejection, and automatic payment of parking fees with business card swipe)
(7) Electronic Ticket Management Service Center
All-in-one card customer service center: arranged at the tourist reception center, responsible for card opening, recharging, and cancellation.
Financial settlement center: responsible for business financial settlement. Arranged in the Finance Department.
Data management center: database server, management terminal, arranged in the network information management center.
(8) The overall communication adopts optical fiber Ethernet network, and the optical fiber interface has been reserved. The optical transceiver does not need to be considered, but the hardware of the transfer and interface in the design needs to be considered.
(9) Please consider the computer terminal equipment.

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