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Solution download
Serial number file name Introduction Update time File size click to download
0 QR code generation tool Jilian QR code image generation tool download 2006-09-23 263
1 Scenic Electronic Ticket Scheme Sichuan Jilian Scenic Spot E-ticket Scheme Download 2006-09-23 329
2 Amusement park electronic ticket solution Sichuan Jilian Amusement Park Electronic Ticket Scheme Download 2006-09-28 2118
3 Scenic card program Sichuan Jilian Scenic Area Card Program Download 2006-09-28 4270
4 E-ticket PPT Lecture Notes Sichuan Jilian Electronic Ticket PPT Lecture Download 2006-09-28 2660
5 Gate installation effect diagram Sichuan Jilian gate machine installation renderings download 2006-09-28 2760
6 Gate size chart Sichuan Jilian gate machine download 2006-09-28 1650
7 Aisle gate construction drawing Sichuan Jilian channel gate construction drawing download 2006-09-28 1260
8 Channel Management System Solution Sichuan Jilian Channel Management System Solution Download 2006-09-28 393
9 Ticket boutique picture Scenic Spot / Venue Ticket Design Instructions 2006-09-28 1000
10 E-ticket software Introduction of Jilian Electronic Ticket Software 2006-09-28 2000

Technical Information
Serial number file name Introduction Update time File size click to download
1 SQL Database Installation Instructions Microsoft SQL2000 / 7.0 Database Installation Instructions Download 2006-09-28 1102
2 Barcode printer driver Sichuan Jilian Barcode Printer Driver Download 2006-09-28 84
3 Communication card driver Communication card driver download 2007-01-28 416
4 Compression tool Compression tool download 2007-01-28 418
5 Pinyin Wubi input method Pinyin Wubi input method download 2007-01-28 428

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Jilian Technology: Three Roller Gate Swing Gate Wing Gate Electronic Ticket System

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