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Electronic Ticket System Sanya Gate Swing Gate Multi-Attraction Solution
Double-tap auto scroll Submitter: admin Release time: 2008-09-28

In some scenic spots, there are many and scattered scenic spots. The distances between the scenic spots are far away. It is necessary to uniformly sell tickets, and to disperse ticket inspections. For the above conditions, our company has two solutions:

A. Fiber can be set up between various attractions

Just add a computer in the network part to achieve real-time data transmission;

B. There is no network situation because the distance between the various attractions is too far or the network investment is too much.

Our company uses unified ticket sales, offline ticket checking, and asynchronous data transmission to solve this problem.

Unified ticketing: All attractions are programmed into the ticketing computer, and the attractions are selected when selling tickets-you can choose single attraction tickets and multi-attraction passes, you can set the ticket validity time, and the number of people. These information are encrypted into the ticket barcode through encryption.

Offline ticket checking: The ticket gates of various attractions can identify illegal tickets based on the bar code encryption information. The ticket checking data is automatically saved in the attractions computer.

Asynchronous data transmission: Because there is no network, data cannot be transmitted in real time synchronously, and the ticketing headquarters must know the ticket checking situation of various attractions. Asynchronous transmission refers to the generation of files for the ticket inspection data of various scenic spots. Through media tools such as a USB flash drive, the data of each scenic spot is copied to the ticket sales headquarters, and then transmitted to the headquarters computer by itself to generate the ticket inspection data.

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