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Typical plan of the ticket gate
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E-ticket system channel planning is critical. The planning should be divided into three categories:
A. Entrance passage planning management personnel passage.
The entrance passage is small, but the flow of people is large. It is recommended to plan the passage of the gate gate co-manager. If the site is too small and the gate crowd is not very large, it is not necessary to set up a management passage.
B. Entrance planning for the disabled.
C. The entrance is planned as a temporary passage during the tourist season. During the tourist season, handheld ticket checkers can be used to reduce the pressure of crowded gates.
D. Exit planning in a single form. The exit of the channel can be bypassed, or it can be planned as a one-way turning brake.

(Three Gorges Address Park: Ticket passages are planned for co-management passages and disabled passages)

(Shanxi Dahuaishu Scenic Area: three entrance passages, no assisted personnel passages, one exit one-way passage is planned)

(Dali Tianlong Temple)

(Chongqing Amusement Park)

(Chongqing Amusement Park)

(Two in and two out) access gate

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