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Chengdu Jilian Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd.

Company spirit --knowledge, dedication, collaboration, development
? A dedicated team that is hard-working, up-to-date and tireless at work is a powerful guarantee for us. We care about humanity and also
Focus on the future.
? In order to explore the value of life, we are happy; in order to pursue the dream of excellence, we are passionate.
? Cooperate with customers in an open attitude to conduct full communication, quickly and accurately communicate and analyze market information to satisfy customers
? With the concept of continuous innovation and dedication to the company as our management guide, to a large extent reflect the forward-looking concept,
Make the company sustainable.

Code of Conduct --Passionate Work, Happy Life
? Everyone voluntarily conducts self-inspection of work, regards work as fun, and takes pride in his little progress every day.
? Treat work as fun and make life more exciting! Passionate work, happy life! This philosophy advocated by Jilian people always affects
Every Jilian.

Service standards -responsive, professional, standardized
? Use open mind and flexible behavior to meet customer needs and get better service results.
? Timely response, professional consultation, standardized process design and exquisite products later.

Address: 21B, Guancheng Plaza, No.308 Shuncheng Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu
Tel: (028) 86661325 4008846665 Copyright--Chengdu Jilian Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd
Jilian Technology: Three Roller Gate Swing Gate Wing Gate Electronic Ticket System

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