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??im??????- Pedestrian Access Equipment-Wing Gates

Wing gate (circular arc)

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Product name: wing brake (circular arc)

Product model: KT960B

Product Type: Wing Brake Equipment

product manual

Advantage comparison


Jilian products

Products from other manufacturers


DC brushless motor has no noise and long life

Brushed motor has noise and short life

Wing arm

Red soft wings above 50mm thickness, beautiful and practical

Acrylic or tempered glass hard wings, acrylic is easy to deform, tempered glass is easy to break, thickness is less than 15mm

Movement anti-clamp

The wing brake movement is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch. Even if someone is caught, the electromagnetic clutch is automatically released to prevent pinching and protect the motor effectively.

No electromagnetic clutch, no anti-pinch

transfer method

Electromagnetic clutch with gear transmission for durability

Belt drive Easy to age and wear Short life


Resistant to strong light interference, available under strong outdoor light

Not available under strong light

Detect children and luggage

The bottom of the gate is equipped with infrared to detect children and luggage

The infrared is mounted on the upper part and cannot detect children and luggage

Cabinet surface treatment

Exquisite polished brushed

Normal processing

Voice prompts

Swipe card with voice prompt: Welcome, thank you, invalid card.



The wing gate is equipped with a second-generation ID card entry and exit, the wing gate is equipped with a fingerprint entry and exit, and the fingerprint capacity is 10,000 per fingerprint. The wing gate has an LED display function, and related information can be displayed when the card is abnormal and a fault occurs.






Structure: frame structure / stainless steel shell

? Production process: Full computer numerical control laser cutting machine production
? Stainless steel thickness: 1.5mm
? Wing gate length within 100CM (more than 100CM requires customization)
? Wing brake transmission: digital
? Wing brake steering: one-way, two-way (optional); with multiple working modes, you can read the card in two directions and limit the current.
Read the ban, while reading the card, free passage in the other direction
? Automatic reset: After the gate is opened, the system will be locked automatically if it has not passed within the specified time;
? Light reminder: traffic direction indication
? Using optical hole position working principle, no delay requirement for input control signal
? Working environment: indoor, outdoor (waterproof)
? Temperature: -10 ? ~ 50 ? Relative humidity: ?90%, non-condensing
? Inductive card reader port size: with standard mounting bracket, or tailor-made
? Opening time: 0.8 seconds
? Speed: 30 people / minute

Engineering example

Packing wooden box



For wing gate equipment, if you need to install an external box if you connect a fingerprint access control machine or a face recognition access control machine, our company can order an external box for customers, and you must mail the samples to our company.

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