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Ticket related equipment
Parking equipment
Access control equipment
Engineering picture
Typical plan of the ticket gate
Electronic ticket gate size chart
Aisle three-roller gate construction drawing
Site gate effect diagram
Electronic ticket gate effect picture
Three Roller Gate Workshop Production Chart
Three-roller gate load test chart
??im??????- Aisle Three Roller Gate-Ticket Check Three Roller Gate

Face recognition Three roller brake
FM-KMRL01 Model number: FM-KMRL01
Finger vein recognition Three roller brake
KM938R Model: KM938R
Arc check wing gate
Model number: FM-KMP01
?? ??? Three-roller gate
FM-KM920 Model number: FM-KM920
?? ??? Arc check ticket three roller brake
FM-KM932 Model number: FM-KM932
?? ??? Bridge ticket checking three roller gate
Model number: FM-KM940

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