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Electronic ticket system swing gate wing gate group ticket solution
Double-tap auto scroll Submitter: admin Release time: 2008-09-28
In the electronic ticket system, group tickets are usually divided into multiple tickets or one ticket, and multiple people hold one ticket. How to effectively pass this is a key indicator to test the ticket gate. At present, most companies' electronic tickets do not have a good solution for group tickets. Most of them use one-person-one-vote or one-swipe multi-swipe methods (swipe the ticket once), and the company has successfully solved this problem after years of technical research. There is a display screen on the gate.After the group ticket is swiped, the display screen will indicate the number of people who can pass. After that, the group tourists can pass in an orderly manner. One person is displayed on the screen after one person, and 0 is displayed after the person is passing. Already.
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Jilian Technology: Three Roller Gate Swing Gate Wing Gate Electronic Ticket System

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