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Electronic ticket system swing gate wing gate secondary admission solution
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For large-scale scenic spots and playgrounds, the venues are widely distributed, and there are many recreational items. It is impossible for tourists to complete all the items in one day. The need for exit and re-entry will arise, effectively determining the identity of the second-time visitors and effectively preventing the borrowing of tickets. The fraudulent use has become a problem in ticket checking in scenic spots. With traditional ticket checking methods, huge ticket checking loopholes will appear. There are two ways to solve the problem that the bearer who enters multiple times is the same person.

A. Fingerprint identification scheme

B. Head recognition scheme

Jilian Electronic Ticket System Second Entry Fingerprint Card Technology Introduction

In response to such needs, Sichuan Jilian Technology relies on its own strong R & D strength and adopts a combination of fingerprint recognition technology and IC card technology to completely solve the technical problem of second entry in the scenic spot. This technology is a high-tech integrating biometric algorithms, chip technology, smart card technology, supporting software technology and other core problems in the world today. The most important thing is that it conforms to the globalization of biometric technology, IT technology, card technology and software technology. standard.

Technical Features of the Second Entry Fingerprint Card of Jilian Electronic Ticket System

Jilian fingerprint card electronic ticket has the characteristics of stronger anti-counterfeiting, greater practicality, lower cost, and higher technology content than traditional tickets, which can completely eliminate the possibility of fake tickets and greatly improve the financial management level of tickets in scenic spots and amusement parks. The IC card technology and fingerprint identification technology are used to uniformly manage personnel entry and exit conditions and ticket sales to achieve a standardized and scientific ticket management method. The system can reduce the number of repeated ticket purchases, improve management efficiency, increase the transparency of ticket management, and reduce human factors in the management of ticket management. Tickets purchased at one point can be used at other points in the system and under certain conditions Can be reused, strictly restricting "one vote, one person".

Eliminate fake tickets: the application of biometrics technology to realize the integration of human votes, real-time verification, fake tickets are difficult to move, effectively avoid the loss of ticket revenue;

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Jilian Technology: Three Roller Gate Swing Gate Wing Gate Electronic Ticket System

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