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How to choose a ticket gate and wing gate in the ticket system
Double-tap auto scroll Submitter: admin Release time: 2008-09-28
  The selection of electronic ticket gates is the focus of the ticketing system in the scenic spot. The selection of gates is related to the stable operation of the entire system. Therefore, the selection of gates should be as follows
Several aspects are at hand:

1. The appearance of the gate: A good appearance will give a good first impression, so the first step in the selection of the gate is to choose a good appearance.
The company has a group of high-quality mold designers, based on many years of experience in the production of gates, combined with advanced foreign concepts, designed a variety of streamlined ticket gates, for this also won
Won the praise of new and old customers.
2. Selection of gate casting material: The material is an important indicator to determine whether a gate is solid and durable. Jilian adopts all stainless steel design, and the steel plate is 304 # not.
The stainless steel wire drawing plate 304 has high nickel content (high brightness), is not easy to rust, and has good toughness.
3. The movement of the brake : The movement is inside the brake, which is often easily overlooked. In fact, this is also an important indicator that determines the performance of the brake.
Adopting advanced foreign production technology, it can reach 3 million times without failure on average.
4. Waterproof performance of the gate: For open-air ticket inspection places, the gate must be waterproof. The inside of the gate is all electronic components. Once water enters,
It will lead to short circuit and burnout of internal components, which will inevitably affect the operation of the entire system.
A drainage channel is designed inside the module, so that even if water enters, water will be drained from the drainage channel, which eliminates the danger of the internal components being flooded.
5. Ability to adapt to severe temperature: China is a country with a large difference in temperature and humidity between the north and the south. For the northern region, the winter temperature is more than 30 degrees below zero, which is too low.
Temperature can cause some electronic components to stop working. Our company has undergone special treatment to avoid the existence of these factors.

Three performance indicators commonly used in electronic ticket gates
A. The load of the brake, the greater the load of the brake, the stronger the brake. The load of the brake rod is 120 kg.
B. Gate power consumption. The greater the gate power consumption, the more prone the aging of the gate is.
C. The thickness of the stainless steel plate of the gate. The thickness of the stainless steel plate of the gate of our company is 1.5mm.
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