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Product name: Ticket Roller

Product model: FM-KM936

Product Type: Ticket Inspection Equipment

Gate Introduction
Ticket check three roller gate






The overall shape of the product is stamped and formed using standard (304) stainless steel plate, which is beautiful in appearance, rust-proof, durable, and can resist damage by external forces. Streamlined machine
The passage formed by the box and the passage bar can provide an orderly and civilized passage way for the entering and exiting people, to prevent illegal entry and exit, and to quickly control the falling rod in an emergency
Or close.

Three Roller Gate Technical Index
? Structure: frame structure / stainless steel shell
? Production process: Full computer numerical control laser cutting machine production
? Stainless steel thickness: 1.5mm
? Weight: 70Kg
? Large bearing capacity of the brake lever: 80Kg
? Driving force of brake lever working: 3Kg
? Transmission method of brake lever: digital method
? Steering lever: one-way, two-way (optional); with multiple working modes, you can limit the current reading in both directions, or you can read in one direction and forbid in the other direction.
While reading the card, you can pass freely in the other direction.
? Automatic reset function: After the gate is opened, the system will be automatically locked if it has not passed within the specified time, and the passage time can be adjusted;
? Light reminder: traffic direction indication
? Using optical hole position working principle, no delay requirement for input control signal
? Working environment: indoor, outdoor (shade)
? Temperature: -10 ? ~ 50 ? Relative humidity: ?90%, non-condensing
? Inductive card reader port size: with standard mounting bracket, or tailor-made
? Opening time: 0.2 seconds
? Speed: 30 people / minute
? Input interface: dry contact signal or + 12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal with pulse width ?100ms, driving current ?10mA

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