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Electronic ticket system wing gate swing gate park in park solution
Double-tap auto scroll Submitter: admin Release time: 2008-09-28

At present, there are many scenic spots, especially amusement parks. There are multiple separate charging models, that is, the park-to-park charging method.

The business practice experience uses a multi-point separate billing model to solve the problem of ticket inspection in the park.

Most of the scenic spots use manual billing methods or a combination of automatic ticket checking and manual ticket checking.

The system, for the check-in method of the park, the automatic check-in method is used, and the system has a built-in calculation program to automatically determine which amusement point the ticket can enter (

Automatically open the gate and release with voice prompts), which amusement point cannot be entered.

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Jilian Technology: Three Roller Gate Swing Gate Wing Gate Electronic Ticket System

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