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Product name: self-service ticket machine

Product model: FM-KMSPJ001

Product type: Ticketing equipment

Equipment introduction
Self-service ticket machine

Dimensions: 1724mm (height) 765mm (width) 648mm (length)










· The whole machine is made of stainless steel and has a streamlined appearance design, taking into account both practicality and beauty;
· Using touch operation, the ticket selection can be completed with one click as soon as possible;
· Using vector graphics technology, strong interface expressiveness, software upgrade circuit diagram;
· Front and back door design is adopted for easy management and maintenance;
· The operation panel is easy to disassemble, and most modules can be pulled out with guide rails for easy maintenance;
· All kinds of cabinets are light and reliable, equipped with electronic ID and multiple protections, taking into account both safety and ease of use.

Main hardware module

Coin processing module

· Coin recognition module can identify at least 8 kinds of coins with denominations, including the 4th and 5th edition of RMB 1 for 5 cents;
· The function of returning the original coin can be realized; the capacity of the coin dispenser is 1000 pieces, and the coin input by the user can be used for change, reducing the workload of replenishing coins;
· Coin cash box capacity up to 10,000 to 30,000, double locks make cash management safe and reliable.

2.Banknote processing module

· The banknote recognition module can recognize 13 denominations of banknotes at the same time, including the fourth and fifth editions of RMB 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 yuan in circulation; the maximum temporary storage of 15 paper currency, the original currency is returned;
Cash box supports automatic stacking of 1,000 banknotes, and double locks make cash management safe and reliable.
19-inch LCD display with accurate infrared touch screen positioning;
Equipped with high-brightness dual-line operation status display, passengers can judge the equipment status from a distance;
· Using double-colored indicator lights to prompt users to operate, there are illuminated indicators in the coin outlet, which is convenient for users to see the ticket issuance and change;
· The coin slot and coin outlet have drainage holes, and the coin slot has an electric gate, which effectively prevents water and foreign objects from entering.

3. Maintenance module

· Maintenance module adopts 5.7-inch backlit LCD, USB interface, Chinese menu, supports graphic display, can automatically display equipment failures and guide users to deal with them quickly;
· Chinese thermal printer can quickly print maintenance reports;
· Provide auxiliary power sockets and lighting devices for easy operation by maintenance and repair personnel.

Main controller and power

· The main controller adopts industrial-grade computer, which is resistant to high and low temperatures, and has good anti-electromagnetic interference performance to ensure the stable operation of the whole machine 24 hours a day;
· Equipped with earth leakage protector and UPS to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged under different power environment.

software platform
· The control software adopts modular design, with clear levels and strong scalability;
· Using vector map technology and combining three currency exchange methods to make ticket purchase easy and fast;
Support multimedia advertisement playback and provide value-added services;
· Flexible configuration of software parameters, which can accept remote parameter download and software upgrade, and easily complete the work of updating circuit diagrams, etc .;
· Remote control of multiple devices can be accepted, and operations such as ticket clearing and coin clearing can be performed at the same time for more efficient maintenance.

Functions and parameters

basic skills

· Coins, banknotes or mixed currency exchanges, stored-value card recharge, coin change cycles, voice prompts, multimedia advertising, background management.
· Optional features
· Bank card payment exchange and recharge function display device uses 21-inch LCD, infrared touch screen operation status display can display 16 16 dot matrix Chinese characters 2 lines, each
Can display up to 10 Chinese characters
Industrial computer: high-performance industrial computer
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows XP Embedded
Ticket issuing speed: each coin is issued at a speed of less than 1 second

    Product Features

     A) It mainly uses banknotes to display currency exchange information.
     B) Provide coin exchange and banknote exchange;
     C) You can exchange coins, chips, game coins, commemorative coins, and tokens of various sizes with three different denominations.

    Main accessories

     D) Built-in 19-inch touch screen
     E) Built-in ID card reader
     F) Built-in bank card reader
     G) Built-in bank card password keyboard
     H) Built-in banknote recognition module (optional)

    Operating environment

     I) Working temperature: -20 ? ~ 45 ?
     J) Operating relative humidity: 10% to 95% RH, non-condensing electrical characteristics
     K) Power supply: AC220V 15%

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