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Typical plan of the ticket gate
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??im??????- Fingerprint Card Machine

Fingerprint card machine


Fingerprint card machine





Perfect combination of fingerprint identification system and IC card storage system:

Collect the user's fingerprint through the fingerprint collector, and store the fingerprint characteristic information in the IC card;

When the IC card is inserted during use, the system checks the validity of the card first, and then reads the fingerprint data in the card and compares it with the fingerprint data collected in vivo.

Yes, the card is guaranteed to be the same as the cardholder, the comparison result is stored in the IC card and the card reader, and the use record is kept.

Support for secondary development: Provide a data interface for the management system.

Technical Parameters:
? RFID reader module: Mifare one
? Fingerprint matching method: 1 ﹕ 1, 1 ﹕ N
? Identity verification mode: single card, single fingerprint, fingerprint + card
? Registration time: less than 2 seconds
? Verification time: less than 1 second
? FAR: <0.00001%
? FRR: <0.001%
? Fingerprint storage capacity: can store 1776 fingerprints
? Attendance record capacity: can store 5000 attendance records
? Communication: support UART, RS485, Wiegand 26, optional TCP / IP
? Indication signal: red, green, blue LED signal and beep signal
? Management software: FP3008 dedicated access control attendance management software
? Working current: [email protected]
? Size: 139mm * 76mm * 41mm

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